Who we are

CMG is a full turnkey trade export solution that accelerates your product entry into new markets. CMG offers a full suite of trade and legal services to small and medium-sized (SMB) North American companies in search of new markets in emerging economies. Our strength, knowledge, experience and personnel lies in North American and Latin American markets.

Why do business with us?

Professionals at CMG understand how new export markets can be an expensive, long-term project for any SMB. Our objective is minimize the risk associated with an export strategy and limit expenditures an organization’s time to access the market.

We believe in sharing our knowledge. Professionals at CMG can embed themselves into your company for a specified period of time to transfer the knowledge and sales networks we build for you.

We are a fully multilingual advisory firm, offering services in French and English, as well as Spanish.

Our Services

Export Plug-in

Export Plug-in® is an implementation service that is part of our Zero Learning Curve promise. Our industry and region experts work with your team to set objectives, timelines and budgets for your new export strategy.

Legal Services

Our legal services are made for North America: trilingual and staffed by experts in civil and common law to navigate any environment. No surprises.

International Audit

Audit services are offered to organizations seeking to evaluate a partner’s ability to deliver on agreed objectives. Typically a Joint Venture requires additional due diligence to ensure compliance and security of the investment.